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frequently asked questions

1. What do I do when I have a crawlspace leak?
Call a plumber. You could have a burst pipe, you could have something that collapsed, or even a leak somewhere else in your house and it’s just now getting there, which would almost be catastrophic.
2. My Shower keeps dripping, what should I do?

First, try to tighten it manually. But it does depend on where it is leaking from. You could even buy a new shower head, but if you want to rebuild the head, call a plumber.

3. I have low water pressure in my shower, what can I do?

Make sure the water is off everywhere else first. Then check for a build up of sediment. If nothing is getting through, then nothing is going to work. Turn off the water, remove the shower head, and check for a clog. Then toss the head into a bucket of CLR and let it soak. You could also install a water softener for the future.


4. There is a leak under my sink, what do I do?

Tighten all plumbing fixtures under your sink. If that does not work, then you need to replace things under the sink. You could also replace fittings, which is pretty simple. You could also put a sleeve on it, which won’t permanently fix it, but will slow down the leak in the future.

5. What issues can I have with my garbage disposal?

If things get lodged in there that are not supposed to be, then it can damage the blade. Also small particles can slowly lodge into the garbage disposal, so take care with what is poured down into the drain. If you have any loud noises or if the disposal does not work, either press the reset button, and if that still doesn’t work, give a plumber a call.

6. Why do I get 2 different reports from 2 different plumbers?

First, it depends on what equipment is used. If you don’t go deep into detail to see the major issue because that’s not the equipment you have, then you may not see the same things. Second is workmanship. Sometimes the goal is how quickly the job can be done. We often focus on being as thorough as possible. Often that can be lost because the focus for most is getting as many jobs done as possible. Quantity over quality. We want quality over quantity.

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